Lizzo Urges Judge To Dismiss ‘Salacious’ And ‘Meritless’ Harassment Lawsuit From Former Wardrobe Stylist

by Grace Somes
Lizzo || Image credit: @lizzobeaating

Singer’s lawyers argue that former employee Asha Daniels’s lawsuit is meritless and improperly filed.

Lizzo’s attorneys filed a motion to prevent a harassment lawsuit against the pop star from coming to court.

The strongly-worded motion claims the harassment suit is from a former “disgruntled” employee who was fired after she “played hooky” on the day of a concert, three weeks on the job.

In September, fashion designer Asha Daniels, who worked on tour with her, accused Lizzo and others, including the wardrobe manager, of maintaining an “unsafe, sexually charged workplace culture”. 

Daniels alleged members listed in her lawsuit openly discussed “hiring sex workers for lewd acts, attending sex shows and buying hard drugs”. 

“I was witnessing myself, the dancers and the background vocalists, and my local team in every city be harassed and bullied regularly,” she told NBC News

On Friday, Lizzo’s legal team requested a dismissal of the lawsuit filed by Asha Daniels in September in a Los Angeles court, claiming it was “meritless and salacious.”

They alleged that Asha Daniels “failed to perform the work that she was assigned and, eventually, just played hooky and refused to show up for work.”

A spokesperson for the 35-year-old “Juice” singer called Daniel’s lawsuit “a bogus, absurd publicity stunt” and alleged Daniels had “never actually met or even spoke with Lizzo”.

Lizzo’s lawyers also pointed out that the harassment lawsuit cannot be filed in California because Daniels is a New York resident hired by a Delaware-based company.

“During her brief employment by BGBT, Plaintiff refused to comply with instructions from her supervisors and tour management, failed to perform the work that she was assigned, and, eventually, just played hooky and refused to show up for work,” the motion stated.

Asha’s Daniels lawsuit against Lizzo came after several former dancers sued the singer for allegedly sexually harassing, fat shaming, and making the work environment a hostile one. 

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