Louise Thompson, Who Once Catered for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Celebrates 110th Birthday

by Gee NY

Louise Thompson, a remarkable African American woman hailing from Fairbanks, Alaska, recently marked a monumental milestone as she turned 110 years old.

Born in 1914, before the onset of World War I, Thompson’s life has spanned across 19 U.S. presidencies, and her journey is filled with extraordinary moments, including catering for President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s family.

Thompson’s culinary skills earned her the privilege of catering for President Roosevelt’s family, where his son, Elliot, became a frequent visitor, particularly for her renowned baked goods.

Beyond her culinary achievements, Thompson has been an integral part of her community, contributing through church activities, teaching Sunday School, and pioneering exercise classes at the Senior Center in Poughkeepsie.

Her daughter, Diane Leavy, fondly recalls her mother’s proactive approach in initiating these classes, emphasizing the importance of staying active and vibrant at any age.

“My mom went around, knocked on doors, and told them we needed to come do exercises. She said, ‘We’re old but we’re not dead,'” Leavy recounted in an interview with KTVF.

Thompson’s exercise classes not only promoted physical fitness but also fostered lasting bonds and friendships among seniors in her community.

When asked about her secret to longevity, Thompson attributes it to her faith, an active lifestyle, and the occasional indulgence in her favorite treat—a slice of chocolate cake.

As she celebrates her 110th birthday surrounded by loved ones, Louise Thompson stands as a testament to a life well-lived, marked by resilience, community spirit, and a legacy of service and kindness that continues to inspire those around her.

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