Louisville’s Interim Police Chief Vows to Restore Trust

by Shine My Crown Staff

Louisville Metro Police’s next interim chief has vowed to restore trust in the city once she is sworn in this Thursday.

“This is my hand out to you to say you don’t have to break anything to get to me,” said Yvette Gentry. “There are people who need access to me who don’t feel like they’ve had access to me. And I think that’s a part of the change that has to happen,” she told The Courier-Journal.

Gentry will be the first woman ever to head Louisville’s police department. Following last week’s announcement of her appointment, Gentry made it clear that she has no desire to fill the position permanently.

Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron is under fire after a grand jury member filed a motion in Jefferson Country on Monday, calling for all records in the Breonna Taylor investigation to be released to the public.

Questions have been raised about Cameron’s handling of the case. On Tuesday night, he suggested the grand jury could have made an “assessment about different charges.”

“They’re an independent body,” Cameron told a local news station. “If they wanted to make an assessment about different charges, they could’ve done that. But our recommendation was that Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in their acts and their conduct.”

The transcripts could be released any day now.

Gentry says she does not plan to hide behind her desk — and is willing to meet with community leaders.

“I think people forget that there are police officers who want the same thing that the community wants,” Gentry said. “We’re ready to move in a direction … where we’re no longer screaming at each other, where we’re talking to each other and figuring out what do we have to do to move forward because none of us can stay in this space much longer.”

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