Meet Jaide Lewis, a Brooklyn Native Playing Her Part in Reshaping the Music Industry

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Jaide Lewis, a Brooklyn native and Penn State University graduate, has carved a remarkable path in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark as a marketing powerhouse.

Her journey began with an internship at DJ Clue Power 105.1 and SiriusXM during college, igniting her passion for marketing.

Breaking Barriers at BET

Upon graduation, Jaide landed a coveted position at BET, where she contributed to groundbreaking marketing campaigns. At just 21 years old, she played a pivotal role in promoting the hit sitcom “The Game,” showcasing her talent and dedication.

“It’s something that as Black executives, we need to stand on because they don’t — not saying they don’t care about our culture, but it’s our duty to keep the culture alive in these spaces and in these companies, which is easy to lose track of if you’re playing politics,” expressed Jaide.

Diversifying Perspectives at Sony

Jaide’s transition to Sony revealed a lack of diverse perspectives in marketing campaigns for Black artists. Undeterred, she assembled a team well-versed in Black culture and experience, ensuring authentic representation.

Her agency, The Culture Collab, focuses on incorporating Black insights into authoritative areas of creativity.

At Atlantic Records, Jaide curated innovative strategies for emerging artists like Kevin Gates, Don Toliver, 1017, and Lil Skies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her ability to adapt and thrive in challenging circumstances caught the attention of Capitol Records, leading to her relocation to Los Angeles for a director-level role in digital marketing.

Advocating for Black Representation

Despite navigating predominantly white-dominated environments, Jaide’s presence has been a catalyst for change. Her expertise and advocacy have ensured that the marketing needs of Black artists are met with cultural authenticity and sensitivity.

Jaide Lewis exemplifies the resilience and determination of Black women reshaping the music industry.

Through her unwavering commitment to amplifying diverse perspectives and fostering inclusivity, she has become a trailblazer, paving the way for future generations of Black professionals in the entertainment industry.

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