Meet The Genius With 199 IQ, Graduated High School At 11 Years Old And Completed A PhD Program at 17

by Gee NY
Thessalonika Arzu-Embry. Image Credit: The Daily Herald

At just 17 years old, Thessalonika Arzu-Embry has already etched her name in the annals of academic history, shattering records and defying expectations along her extraordinary journey.

Graduating high school at the tender age of 11, she embarked on a remarkable educational odyssey that has left seasoned scholars in awe.

“Education has always been my passion,” shares Arzu-Embry, reflecting on her unconventional path. “I believe in making wise choices and staying humble. That, to me, is the essence of being a genius.”

Born into a military family, Arzu-Embry’s early years were marked by homeschooling and disciplined schedules, instilling in her a strong work ethic that propelled her towards academic excellence.

“Despite the challenges of frequent travel, I remained focused on my studies,” she recalls.

Arzu-Embry’s academic prowess became evident when she completed an online psychology degree from Thomas Edison State College at the tender age of 14.

“I was drawn to the complexities of the human mind,” she explains. “Understanding psychology allowed me to explore the intricacies of human behavior.”

Undeterred by her youth, Arzu-Embry pursued further academic endeavors, earning an M.B.A. from Regent University by the age of 16.

“Each milestone fueled my desire to push the boundaries of what was possible,” she asserts.

Her intellectual journey culminated in the completion of a doctorate program at Capella University in 2027, where she delved into the fascinating realm of dreams and their impact on daily life.

“Dreams have always fascinated me,” she muses. “Exploring their connection to everyday experiences was a rewarding endeavor.”

Beyond academia, Arzu-Embry’s passion for knowledge extends to the realm of literature, where she has authored books on diverse topics ranging from education to financial literacy.

“I believe in empowering others through knowledge,” she affirms. “Education is the key to unlocking one’s full potential.”

As an app developer, Arzu-Embry is leveraging technology to create innovative solutions for various domains, including education and weather forecasting.

“Technology has the power to transform lives,” she asserts. “I am committed to harnessing its potential for positive change.”

Looking ahead, Arzu-Embry remains steadfast in her pursuit of excellence, with aspirations to make a meaningful impact in her community and beyond.

“My journey is just beginning,” she declares. “There is much more to learn and explore.”

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