Inaugural Cohort of Black Women in Tech Program Set to Graduate, Pioneering Path in Tech Industry

by Gee NY

On March 15, a groundbreaking milestone will be reached as the inaugural cohort class of Black Women in Tech prepares to graduate.

This pioneering program, aimed at boosting the representation of women of color in the tech industry, has been a beacon of opportunity and empowerment for its participants.

The initiative, which offers comprehensive training and skill development across various tech disciplines, has been instrumental in providing women with the tools they need to embark on or transition to careers in tech.

Designed to cater to individuals at all levels of expertise, the program also supports those seeking to advance within the industry.

According to WVXU News, the program offers Google Career Certificates in six key areas, including IT support, UX design, data analytics, project management, cybersecurity, and digital marketing and e-commerce.

Over the course of three months, participants engage in intensive classes totaling 16 hours per week, coupled with essential support services such as childcare, mentoring, case management, and financial education workshops.

Ebony Young, vice president of impact for the Urban League, expressed pride in the achievements of the program’s graduates, stating:

“These women have worked hard to complete the work necessary to enter an in-demand field with good salaries and growth opportunities.”

One of the graduates, Keturah Tatum, highlighted the significance of the program for Black women in the tech sector.

She emphasized the importance of access to technology and praised the program for facilitating learning and skill development within the community.

As a data analytics program graduate and operations specialist, Tatum credited the program for equipping her with valuable skills to advance in her career and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Taylor Higgins, another graduate who participated in the project management course, underscored the program’s impact on her entrepreneurial journey. As the founder of Taylored Design Co., Higgins expressed appreciation for the support and opportunities provided by the program to strengthen individual capabilities and pursue new business endeavors effectively.

The Black Women in Tech program was made possible through collaboration between various organizations, including the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio, Brighton Center, the Community Action Agency, and the Gaskins Foundation.

With support from partners such as JPMorgan Chase, Google, and the Workforce Innovation Center of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, the program has paved the way for greater diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

As the inaugural cohort prepares to graduate, their success serves as a testament to the transformative impact of programs like Black Women in Tech in creating pathways to success and empowerment for women of color in tech.

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