Meet Rosa Higgs, The Legendary Teacher Whose Phonics Workbooks Improve Reading Skills in 30 Days

by Gee NY
Rosa Higgs holds up the Most Valuable Teacher Award for Excellence in Literacy Instruction presented to by NAACP Berkeley President, Mansour Id Deen (2021).

Rosa Higgs, a retired educator with over three decades of teaching experience, has dedicated her career to helping struggling readers excel beyond grade level.

Her innovative phonics workbooks have garnered widespread acclaim for their effectiveness in improving reading skills in just 30 days.

Starting her teaching journey in Hunter’s Point, San Francisco, Rosa Higgs has left an indelible mark on the field of education. Throughout her career, she served as both a public school teacher and a professor of English at a community college.

In recognition of her exceptional contributions, Rosa Higgs was honored by the local NAACP branch in Berkeley, California, in 2021.

The accolade celebrated her remarkable phonics workbooks, which have become instrumental in empowering students to overcome reading challenges.

Despite her retirement, Rosa Higgs remains deeply committed to serving her community. Throughout the pandemic, she volunteered her time at the Berkeley NAACP offices, where she emerged as their foremost reading expert and volunteer.

As the pandemic forced a shift to hybrid learning, Rosa Higgs adapted her teaching methods to accommodate both in-person and online instruction.

Her dedication to her students knows no bounds, as she continues to provide unwavering support to ensure their success.

Mansour Id Deen, the director of the Berkeley NAACP, lauds Rosa Higgs as a beacon of excellence in phonics instruction. He praises her unparalleled ability to produce outstanding reading materials that yield remarkable results in a short period.

In a recent interview, Rosa Higgs highlighted the urgent need to address the academic achievement gap among Black students. She emphasized that her phonics workbooks offer a powerful solution to combat poor reading skills, offering a lifeline to students who face systemic challenges.

Amidst growing awareness of racial bias in education, Rosa Higgs’ tireless efforts to nurture the academic potential of Black students makes her a living legend.

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