Summer Walker Reacts After Chrisean Rock “Triggered” By Impersonation Video

by Grace Somes
Summer Walker and Chrisean Rock || Image credit: @summerwalker @chriseanchriseanchrisean

Chrisean Rock went live on Instagram to call out Summer Walker for mocking her in viral TikTok.

According to Chrisean Rock, Summer Walker presented herself as a friend in her inbox and then turned around to mock her in front of the world.

“You were very insensitive. This industry is cold as f*ck. You were in my DM’s asking me if I needed help and support. Then mocked me on TikTok,” Chrisean Rock said in the IG live.

Earlier, Sumer Walker gave a sneak peek into her Halloween special by impersonating Chrisean Rock in a video. The video featured Summer with a blackout tooth, acting wild and holding a baby doll “unsafely”, while an audio clip of Chrisean revealing that Blueface name-dropped Lil Baby during a disagreement played in the background.

Soon after the infamous video went viral, Chrisean addressed the “Girls Need Love” singer on social media, revealing that the video triggered her.

The rapper referenced her scandalous Walmart video where she had her newborn son improperly strapped to her chest in the baby carrier.

Chrisean Rock said watching Summer Walker reenact that scene stirred up emotional distress. She added that before she addressed it on social media, she had already contacted Summer, who had promised to take down the video.

In response to Chrisean’s live video on Instagram, Summer Walker issued a disclaimer, comparing her humor to Richard Pryor, Dave Chappell, Kate Williams, and Bernie Mac.

She also addressed Chrisean jab about positively using her influence.

“I really be forgetting I’m famous af. 2 million people make a TikTok or say the same joke everyone else said, but I do it, and people butt hurt. Sensitive about a TikTok that was viral before I did it. But ain’t have no sympathy when you be dragging bs across the ground and dumbing h*s in sinks just fo looking at you funny. Let’s please tighten up. It was never that serious,” Summer retorted via Instagram story.

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