Sandra Douglass Morgan: NFL’s First Black Woman President Encourages Others To Pursue The Sports

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Sandra Douglass Morgan, the esteemed president of the NFL and the first Black woman to hold this prestigious position, spoke about the significance of the Sports Power Brunch.

During the event, Morgan was honored with the Leadership Award presented by Moët Hennessy USA and was appointed as a founding member of Moët Hennessy’s IDE (Inclusion Diversity & Equity) Advisory Council.

She highlighted the transformative impact of bringing a Super Bowl and a winning sports tradition to Las Vegas. Speaking at the Sports Power Brunch red carpet event, she underscored the importance of celebrating women and empowering them within the sports industry.

She also spoke about the transformative impact of bringing a Super Bowl and a winning sports tradition to Las Vegas.

At the Sports Power Brunch red carpet event, Morgan said:

“I don’t seek recognition, to be honest with you,” Morgan stated humbly when asked about her feelings regarding the event. “But the fact that Latanya found me worthy of this, you know, it’s one thing when you’re actually being honored by people who know what you went through to get here.”

Morgan expressed her gratitude for being recognized at the event, highlighting the focus on celebrating and empowering women that has been central to the Sports Power Brunch over the past five years.

“It’s about celebrating women. Empowering women,” she stated, acknowledging the significance of being chosen for such an honor.

Reflecting on the electric atmosphere surrounding Las Vegas, Morgan conveyed her vision for the city’s future in the sports industry.

“I think it’s all about positivity and uplifting people, and that’s what you’re seeing here,” she remarked. “This is a kind of a snapshot of what we’re going to see for the entire week.”

As a native of Las Vegas, Morgan recognized the city’s history of providing opportunities for working-class individuals to support their families.

Looking ahead to the impact of hosting the Super Bowl, she emphasized the importance of creating lasting legacies and opportunities for underrepresented groups.

“It’s really about the impact post Super Bowl,” Morgan explained. “We’re giving people and nonprofits an opportunity to have legacy grants. We’re giving women and people of color who have small businesses opportunities to have contracting opportunities.”

Morgan expressed her appreciation for the event and its focus on empowering individuals and creating positive change.

“Congratulations again,” Morgan concluded, expressing gratitude for the recognition and opportunities afforded to her.

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