Naomi Campbell’s “The Face” Contestant Says Producers Starved And Manipulated Her

by Grace Somes
Noelani Petero and Naomi Campbell || Image credit: @noelani_thefaceaustralia @naomi

Noelani Petero, the model in the viral “The Face” meme, has exposed the dark side of Naomi Campbell’s modeling show.

The then-budding Australian model says she suffered from psychosis and permanent mental injury.

The model, whose viral moments on the show made her an internet sensation, recently spoke out about her harrowing experience. According to her, the glamorous exterior of “The Face” concealed a much darker reality.

“The Face” was a modeling competition show where aspiring models competed under the guidance of supermodels Naomi Campbell, Cheyenne Tozzi, and Nicole Trunfio. While the show promised to launch these hopefuls’ careers, the model claims the behind-the-scenes reality was far less glamorous.

Petero alleges that the producers used extreme tactics to control and manipulate the contestants, pushing them beyond their physical and emotional limits.

According to her, she “was manipulated by producers seconds before going on, coerced in the journal parts the next day. Starved, left in the cold, and almost fainted earlier in the day with zero duty of care. I won the runway challenge, but it never aired.”

She said she was kicked out of the fashion industry because of what was shown about her on “The Face Australia.”

Noelani Petero revealed that her online popularity following her viral appearance on “The Face Australia” destroyed her mental health.

 “I went into psychosis, was hospitalized, wanted my life to end, and was homeless due to my state of mental health,” she continued.

“I have a permanent mental injury from this trauma. I’ve worked my a** off to rebuild my life since advocating for BI and POC folk in my industry.”

Petero’s disclosures sparked a broader discussion in the comments section about how reality TV contestants are treated. Unfortunately, many people were not surprised by her account of how she was treated.

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