Nicki Minaj Spring’s Into Style With The Latest ‘Vegan’ Sneaker Drop For Barbz Everywhere!

by Grace Somes
Nicki Minaj's footwear collection with LØCI || Image credit: @nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj’s footwear collection with LØCI uses recycled bottles, nylon, and brass instead of leather. The footwear pack includes 11 colorways across five silhouettes: the FUSION, APEX, ATOM HI, NEO, and ATOM.

When Nicki Minaj isn’t strutting in her iconic heels, she’s often seen sporting trendy trainers. And now, her go-to pair is the newest style from LØCI.

These aren’t just any sneakers; they’re a testament to innovation and sustainability. LØCI sneakers stand out with cutting-edge materials like bio-leather and recycled ocean plastic, making them a unique and eco-friendly choice.

Nicki Minaj declared that she became a brand owner for Løci.

“Their mission resonates with mine. It is indisputable that trainers have significantly influenced my distinct style and enabled me to fearlessly convey who I really am,” Minaj said in a statement.

Over the past three years, the LØCI brand’s popularity has grown dramatically. Many celebrities have loved the shoes’ support and versatility and have even seen them on stars like Olivia Wilde, Ben Affleck, and Eva Longoria.

Each pair of trainers not only adds a stylish touch to your wardrobe but also contributes to a significant environmental cause. By recycling twenty plastic bottles, Løci’s sneakers are making a tangible difference in reducing plastic waste.

In fact, the company proudly claims to have prevented the disposal of one million plastic bottles, a testament to its commitment to sustainability.

Also, marine conservation groups like Sea Shepherd and SEE Turtles receive 10% of their online revenue.

Minaj created her own limited-edition collection, which comes in eleven vivid colors and five unique styles. The brand’s signature bio-leather combines recycled textiles and non-food-grade corn.

Løci’s shoes are made in Portugal, a country known for its craftsmanship and sustainability credentials.

The collection is available to shop online now. Prices range from $185 to $200.

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