North Carolina Welcomes First Black Woman-Owned Full-Service Salon

by Gee NY

In a groundbreaking move, Katossa Glover has established the first full-service salon in North Carolina’s Northlake Mall, marking a significant milestone.

The grand opening on Nov. 12 marked the culmination of Glover’s journey from a dedicated business owner to the proprietor of the trailblazing Applause! Hair Designs.

Glover, who has owned Applause! Hair Designs since 2014, made the strategic decision in 2020 to bring her salon to Northlake Mall, making history with the state’s first Black woman-owned full-service salon.

Overcoming challenges, including the setbacks imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Glover’s determination and resilience shone through.

The grand reopening witnessed an outpouring of support from clients eager to experience the exceptional service offered by Applause! Hair Designs.

“When we reopened, our clients rushed the door,” Glover expressed. “So, it’s the support of not only the hair salon clients because those clients are now coming here because they were so excited about the nail salon opening. So, it feels like we have our own community here in this corner.”

The name “Applause!” is not just a moniker; it reflects Glover’s vision for her clients. She wants them to feel a sense of worth and acknowledgment when they leave her salon. A sentiment echoed by loyal customer Tracey Pickard, who described Glover as an anchor, providing a welcoming space for clients to return to whenever they need.

“It’s not just about us having a Black team or having Black clients,” she emphasized. “I want to be here for Charlotte natives and give back to the Charlotte community as a whole, no matter what that looks like.”

For Katossa Glover, the realization of her entrepreneurial dreams is more than a personal triumph; it is a historic moment for North Carolina, inspiring others and redefining the landscape of the beauty and salon industry.

As the first Black woman to own a full-service salon in Northlake Mall, Glover’s Applause! Hair Designs stands as a testament to her vision, resilience, and commitment to community service.

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