Shawanda S. Moore: Black-Owned Tax Firm Founded By This Woman Grossed $1.5 Million In Three Months

by Gee NY

Dr. Shawanda S. Moore, widely recognized as “The Tax Doctor,” stands at the helm of Royal Financial Services, celebrating a year of unparalleled success for her company.

According to a report published in 2022, Dr Moore helped the firm to gross $1.5 million in three months.

As the founder and CEO, Dr. Moore attributes the achievements to resilience, strategic initiatives, and the inspiration drawn from her late business partner and son, Shaun.

Following the devastating loss of her son, Dr. Moore undertook the challenge of revitalizing the company, implementing new strategies, procedures, and policies to foster growth. The profound motivation and encouragement she received from her son became a driving force in her pursuit of excellence.

Under Dr. Moore’s leadership, Royal Financial Services achieved remarkable success, and she proudly acknowledges the accomplishments of her dedicated team.

Despite the challenges, the company has emerged stronger than ever, showcasing its commitment to providing a range of financial services. Dr. Moore’s passion encompasses Individual Tax Preparation, Business Tax Preparation, Business Coaching, Growth Analysis and Strategies for finances, Financial Literacy, and more.

In addition to her role at Royal Financial Services, Dr. Moore extends her expertise to coach software partners in growing their tax businesses. More than 10 of her tax software partners have experienced significant financial growth compared to the previous year, a testament to Dr. Moore’s coaching prowess.

Beyond her business endeavors, Dr. Moore is an accomplished author with a series of impactful books, including “Introduction to Tax Preparation,” “The Tax Doctor Saves Christmas,” “Budgeting and Saving with the Tax Doctor,” “Starting a Business with the Tax Doctor,” and “Small Business Records.” She also offers her own software for those entering the tax industry, providing direct coaching and training.

Dr. Moore’s commitment to community service is evident in her annual initiatives, such as Thanksgiving Food Baskets, Christmas Toys Giveaway, Youth Seminars, Stop the Violence Rallies, and School Supplies/Uniform Giveaways. Despite financial constraints, Dr. Moore remains dedicated to helping those in need, reflecting her generous spirit.

As part of her mission to support education, Dr. Moore allocates 30% of book sales proceeds to the scholarship fund of Royal Financial Services. The scholarship, initiated in 2021, aids high school students in transitioning to college or starting their own businesses.

Notably, Dr. Moore’s impact extends beyond her business, with a history of hosting free youth and adult seminars on entrepreneurship. Her vision is to continue growing Royal Financial Services and its online counterpart, Royal Tax Box, providing individuals the opportunity to prepare their own taxes.

Dr. Moore aspires to be a positive influence for aspiring entrepreneurs, serving as an author, speaker, business coach, and community-focused entrepreneur.

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