Obama’s Half-Sister Teargassed On Live TV During Protests In Kenya: ‘I Can’t Even See Anymore’

by Gee NY

Auma Obama, the half-sister of former US President Barack Obama, found herself at the heart of Kenya’s turbulent protests against a controversial finance bill when police fired tear gas during a live interview with CNN.

The unrest erupted as demonstrators, incensed by proposed tax hikes, clashed with police near Kenya’s parliament building. Amidst billowing tear gas and escalating tensions, Auma Obama, interviewed by CNN, struggled to speak through coughs and watery eyes.

“I can’t even see anymore,” she told the reporter, gesturing towards the chaotic scene. “We’re being teargassed.”

The protests, part of a broader movement dubbed “7 Days of Rage,” aimed at blocking the finance bill, have intensified across Kenya.

Demonstrators wielded banners decrying what they see as unjust tax increases, while the atmosphere grew increasingly charged with defiance.

As smoke billowed and chaos unfolded around her, Auma Obama highlighted the youth’s determination to defend their rights.

She stood among protesters brandishing signs reading “Colonialism never ended in Kenya” and chants demanding accountability from the government.

Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga swiftly condemned the violence, urging an immediate cessation and calling for dialogue and international mediation to quell the escalating unrest.

Meanwhile, the office of former President Barack Obama refrained from immediate comment on Auma Obama’s involvement or the broader unrest gripping Kenya.

The clashes, which led to at least five deaths and numerous injuries, underscored deep-seated grievances over economic policies and governmental accountability in Kenya, prompting fears of further instability in the region.

As the protests continue to roil Kenya, the nation braces for further demonstrations and political maneuvering amid calls for justice and reform.

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