Offset Included? BIA’s Diss Track Takes Cardi B Feud Nuclear

by Grace Somes
BIA, Cardi B and Offset || Image credit: @bia @offset @cardib

The feud between BIA and Cardi B has escalated to a new level of intensity. In her scathing diss track, BIA directly targets Cardi B, leaving no room for ambiguity about her feelings.

We can safely declare 2024 to be the official year of the rap beef. Rappers Cardi B and Bia, who have never worked together but have some history, are the subject of the newest feud.
It’s been reported that tension has been building for a few years, but this past weekend, the rappers fired direct shots at each other.

The feud between BIA and Cardi B has its roots in a TikTok Live session in 2023. In response to rumors of a feud, BIA denied any issues with Cardi B, which had started circulating after fans shared her now-deleted tweets endorsing her.
Much of the conjecture was based on Bia’s and longtime Cardi rival Nicki Minaj’s growing closeness.

Bia took to Twitter four days after Cardi B released her single “Like What” (Freestyle) to address criticism that the song sounded a lot like her song “I’m That Bitch,” which was released a little more than a year earlier.

Bia tweeted back the woozy face emoji in response to a fan’s tweet stating that Bia had been on Cardi’s “mood board a lot.”
Shortly after, Cardi B tweeted, seemingly in response to Bia’s disparaging remarks, “Bitches make a fool of themselves every single time… ima show ya something when I release this song tho.”

On Friday, March 31, Cardi B dropped a new verse criticizing BIA on the “Wanna Be” remix by GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion. Later on Instagram Live, Cardi B provided a timeline of the feud. She clarified that her issues with BIA only started after BIA began releasing subliminal messages.
She also threatened to sue Bia for allegedly spreading rumors that she had cheated on her estranged husband, Offset.

After Cardi’s public declaration, BIA also hopped on Instagram Live and shared a diss track aimed at Cardi B.

During Bia’s live session, which can be viewed below, she played the diss track where she alleges that Cardi cheated on Offset and also mentioned her children, Wave and Culture.

In the chorus, BIA spits, “Got a dark soul, got a bright future/Imma let her know I’m a sharpshooter/You ain’t nothin’ but a f**king girl, I see right through ya.”

BIA even referenced Offset’s claim that Cardi had cheated on him in the cover art.

Which side are you on in this dispute?

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