Slutty Vegan Opens 13th Location on Spelman College Campus

by Xara Aziz
Top: UNCF/Bottom: Instagram @pinkycole

Slutty Vegan founder Pinky Cole-Hayes is on a roll following news that she has officially opened her 13th store location.

The plant-based burger restaurant will now be available to students at Spelman College, which will open just in time for the Fall semester.

The news makes the establishment Atlanta’s seventh location. Slutty Vegan also has set up shop in Birmingham, Brooklyn, Harlem and Dallas.

Cole-Hayes first shared the news of the restaurant’s new location on the restaurant’s social media pages.

“Hey, y’all. It’s me again, Pinky Cole-Hayes, and you know we just had our fifth anniversary,” she said. “So, right now, I’m on Spelman College’s campus, and it’s move-in day. Guess who else is moving in?”

Spelman further said that there will be new dining spaces and food options.

“Just in time for the new academic year, Spelman College is excited to partner with Bon Appetit to create a new dining experience that reflects the College’s culture of excellence,” according to a statement. “The dining services program, which serves some of the nation’s notable and historic colleges and universities, is uncompromising in its mission to provide fresh, healthy, high-quality foods that are responsibly sourced. In addition to revamped dining spaces and offerings and the return of the Starbucks location, new retail options will be available, including Ace Sushi and Black-owned vegan restaurant Slutty Vegan.”

Cole-Vegan first started Slutty Vegan in her two-bedroom apartment in July 2018, selling signature burgers customers would order through Instagram. She then bought a mobile food truck, which quickly gained traction. By October that same year, she launched her first location in Atlanta.

“Opening the conversation on vegan food options for people who have never considered them in this community that has such high numbers in hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, and a host of other food-borne ailments, is momentous,” according to a statement on the restaurant’s website.

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