Polo G’s Sister Refuses To Charge Mother For Attempted Murder: ‘I Hope She Goes To Therapy’

by Grace Somes
Leilani and Stacia Mac || Image credit: @stacia.mac @leilani.capalot

In a shocking twist in the family of rapper Polo G, his sister, Leilani Capalot, has announced that she will not pursue legal action against their mother, Stacia Mac, following an alleged attempt to shoot her.

The dramatic revelation comes after disturbing footage surfaced online, purportedly showing Stacia Mac firing multiple shots at her daughter while shouting, “I’ll kill you.”

Leilani Capalot first revealed details about the altercation with their mother on social media in April. However, it was only recently that the front door camera footage was leaked, shedding light on the gravity of the confrontation.

The video shows a heated argument that turns violent, with Mac brandishing a firearm and firing several rounds at her daughter.

The clip captured a terrifying scene in which Mac is heard yelling threats, including the chilling phrase, “I’ll kill you.” Despite the gravity of the situation, Leilani has decided not to file charges against her mother.

“1.) You guys saw only the CLIMAX of what happened on Easter. I was attacked verbally, emotionally, physically, consistently provoked, shot at, and had my luggage stolen, which in turn TRIGGERED a manic episode,” Leilani dropped by in the comments section of the media blog, the neighborhood talks to explain the issue.

She also disclosed that Stacia Mac had issued similar threats to her siblings, asking her mother to seek therapy and accountability.

Leilani continued, “I am not the only child she has done this to and gloated and bragged about it! I am not crazy!”

“I still did not seek legal action or counsel, although she attempted to use her money and resources to have me arrested, my accounts removed, etc. I am in extensive therapy, and I hope she can do the same,” she added.

This family drama has captivated social media, with many Polo G fans expressing shock and disappointment at the events. The rapper has yet to publicly comment on the situation.


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