Remembering The Woman From Mississippi Who Made History By Earning GED At 90 Years Old!

by Gee NY
Ellouise Lewis

Ellouise Lewis from Gulfport, Mississippi, then a 90-year-old, achieved a remarkable milestone by receiving her GED certificate, decades after she had to leave school.

The heartwarming moment was celebrated with a graduation ceremony at her nursing home back in 2022.

Reflecting on the significance of the occasion, Lewis shared her joy with WLOX, stating:

“I never did get a chance to graduate until this day.”

Having left high school during her 10th-grade year, Lewis had always harbored a desire to complete her education.

The dedicated staff at the Gulfport Care Center, where Lewis resides, played a pivotal role in fulfilling her lifelong aspiration.

Collaborating with Wells of South Gate, a local religious organization and learning center offering adult classes, they facilitated Lewis’s journey towards earning her GED.

Lisa Perdue, the Activity Director at Gulfport Care Center, expressed her gratitude for being part of this milestone, saying:

“It’s a blessing to me and to my coworkers to be able to make this happen.”

Through perseverance and support, Lewis successfully passed the mock test, becoming the inaugural recipient of an honorary GED from South Gate.

While the certificate may not be an official GED, it symbolizes Lewis’s determination and knowledge acquired through South Gate’s educational program.

Overjoyed by her accomplishment, Lewis expressed her happiness, stating:

“When they told me here that I could get my GED happy about. Still happy, excuse me, because this makes me happy to know that I can do.”

Ellouise Lewis’s journey serves as a testament to the power of lifelong learning and the fulfillment of long-held dreams, inspiring individuals of all ages to pursue their educational goals with determination and perseverance.

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