‘RHOA’ Alum Claudia Jordan Calls for a ‘C—chie Strike’ Following Texas Abortion Ban

by Shine My Crown Staff

Former “Real Housewives of Atlantastar Claudia Jordan is calling for women to go on a “c—chie strike” after Texas enacted one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country.

“Well Texas ladies—especially those who unfortunately are being screwed by Texas republicans—time to go on a #C—chieStrike until they take this dumb law off the books! #NoChoiceNoA—” she tweeted.

The bill bans abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy — took effect over the weekend.

The bill came on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s temporarily blockage of an anti-abortion organization from filing a lawsuit against several parties that might be involved in terminating a pregnancy.

Under the new law, abortions are outlawed whenever an ultrasound can detect a fetal “heartbeat.”

Medical experts insist that embryos don’t possess a heart at that developmental stage. The bill is also unfair as many women do not realize that they are pregnant before the six weeks stage. The new bill would prohibit at least 85% of the abortions taking place in the state.

Jordan also shared a petition for her followers to sign:

“Right-wing justices appointed by Donald Trump and enabled by Mitch McConnell’s power grabs are actively ending abortion rights. Republicans stole and seized a majority on the Supreme Court—and from abortion rights to voting rights to consumer rights, we’re seeing the disastrous results,” the petition reads in part.

“President Biden must appoint new justices and expand the court in order to rebalance it against the stolen seats and unprecedented right-wing power grabs—and in doing so help fight for abortion rights, voting rights, regulations on corporate power and so much more. Senate and House Democrats have introduced the Judiciary Act of 2021—Democrats in both houses must sign on to this legislation and pass it immediately.”

Biden has publicly condemned the bill, calling it an “unprecedented assault” on women’s rights.

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