Rico Nasty: ‘I Know Where I Fit’

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DMV-rapper Rico Nasty’s punk and heavy metal leaning sounds have earned her a well-deserved place amongst the music industry’s rising stars — and she is adamant that she knows where she fits in.

“I don’t know where I fit,” Rico tells NME. “I don’t really resonate with punk stars because I’m not that hardcore. I like bubbles and stuff; I’m not harsh and crazy. And with this new album, I definitely resonate with being a pop-punk princess.”

Rico’s first single 2018 release with Kenny Beats, “Smack A Bitch” in 2018, racked up more than 34 million views on YouTube. She followed up with her Nasty mixtape to critical acclaim.

The song was a smash hit, but she says those around her did not have the same confidence in her “profanity” laden offering. Rico felt vindicated by the success of the release — a testament to her unique talents. Her journey has been an authentic one.

“It wasn’t a shake-your-ass song,” she says. “It was purely for healing. To hear a song like ‘Smack A Bitch’ go Gold makes me so happy.”

Rico proudly waves her “weirdo” flag — fortunately, in 2020, originality is in high demand — not that she’d care much if it wasn’t.

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“When someone’s an outcast looking for a safe space,” she says, “they walk around like, ‘Where the weirdos go!’ And it’s like, ‘Hey! Go to a Rico Nasty show’.”

And she lets it known won’t be limited by double industry standards about femininity and sexuality.

“Let these guys know that they can’t tell you what to do. I’ mma shake this ass, and you’re going to watch it and you’re going to pay my bills. I love it because it’s time women stop worrying about what men think about them. We might not say we are, but [women can be] really mean and like ‘That’s that hoe shit!’ and it’s really not. It’s really just having fun and enjoying your life.”

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