Rihanna Stuns NYC With First-Ever Braided Doobie Look!

by Grace Somes
Rihanna || Image credit: @freshmadeit

Rihanna, the undisputed queen of fashion and music, has once again set the streets of New York City ablaze with her latest daring style statement. The multi-talented star debuted her first-ever braided doobie, turning heads and making headlines with her innovative and chic look.

The 36-year-old singer showed off her eye-catching honey-blond crown while modeling a stunning black and white striped oversized fur coat and stepping out in New York City.

Rihanna has always had a cutting-edge sense of style. She constantly pushes boundaries and redefines trends, whether with her daring red-carpet choices or easygoing streetwear ensembles. This includes her most recent hairstyle, the braided doobie.

Rihanna’s talent for seamlessly blending the past and present in a unique and captivating manner is exemplified by her latest look. The braided doobie is a perfect fusion of traditional hair styling with a modern twist, a testament to her cutting-edge fashion sense.

The “doobie” (a play on its original name, “tubi”) is a hair straightening technique that produces results remarkably similar to those of a chemical relaxer. The method used to create luscious, bouncy hair involves wrapping hair in a tube, hence the term “tubi.”

The renowned wrap technique was developed in the 1970s by Boston-area hairstylist Charlene Carroll to shield her hair from frizz and moisture.

When spotted in New York, Rihanna’s edgy yet sophisticated outfit looked terrific with the braided doobie. This style combines braids’ protective quality with a doobie wrap’s sleekness.


Both fashionistas and fans praised the look quickly, expressing their appreciation on social media.

Her most recent braided doobie look is just more evidence of her bold sense of style and her never-ending ability to enthrall people.

Rihanna shows us again why she is a true icon—both on and off the stage—as she struts through New York City.

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