Black Woman, Rohandra Williams, Is Trump’s Probation Officer, Here Are Some Reactions On Social Media

by Gee NY

In the wake of former President Donald Trump’s conviction on all 34 counts of falsifying business records, social media has erupted with reactions to the news that Rohandra Williams, a black woman, will be his probation officer.

News about Williams being Trump’s probation officer, The Neighborhood Talk first reported on June 1, was met with various comments on TNHT’s Instagram post, reflecting a mix of satisfaction, humor, and calls for strict accountability.

One user exclaimed:

“GIVE HIM HELL ROHANDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!” expressing support for Williams and the role she will play in supervising Trump’s probation.

Another comment highlighted the expectation for rigorous monitoring, stating:

“I am so weak. Please give him random drug tests and all. GIVE HIM THE BLUES. Knock on his door at 4am to make sure he’s where he says he’s at.”

Some social media users couldn’t help but comment on Williams’ demeanor, with one person humorously suggesting:

“She looks like she’s going to violate him based off his wig… I mean toupee,” while another remarked, “She looks like she goes by the book,” followed by laughter emojis.

The professionalism and dedication of black professionals like Williams were also praised, with one user commenting:

“I love how these black professionals are handling business. Treat him like any other felon as 🍊 is the new black.”

However, amidst the praise and humor, there were considerations for Williams’ privacy and the potential pressure she may face.

“Now how do y’all know this lady wants her face plastered on every outlet & social media site? I’d be so mad 😭” remarked one user.

With news about Williams being at the helm of supervising Trump’s probation, social media continues to buzz with commentary, reflecting the ongoing public interest in the aftermath of the former president’s historic conviction.

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