Settlement Reached! Land Dispute Between Developers and Late Hilton Head Elder Josephine Wright Resolved

by Gee NY
Josephine Wright in June 2023. She died aged 94 in 2024, having spent her last days fighting to protect her family’s ancestral home.Photograph: James Pollard/AP

A year-long legal battle over a coveted piece of land on Hilton Head Island has finally come to a resolution, marking the end of a saga that gripped the community and garnered national attention.

Josephine Wright, a resilient 94-year-old elder, fought relentlessly to defend her family’s ancestral property from developers until her passing two months ago. Now, her legacy lives on as a settlement has been reached in the lawsuit filed against her by developer, Bailey Point Investment LLC.

According to a report from South Carolina Public Radio, the settlement terms require Bailey Point to discontinue any further contact with Wright’s family regarding the land.

Additionally, the developer is obligated to repair Wright’s roof, construct a privacy fence, and enhance landscaping on the property.

Wright’s land, which had been in her husband’s family since the aftermath of the Civil War, held deep sentimental value for her. However, her peaceful existence was disrupted in February 2023 when Bailey Point unveiled plans to develop a 29-acre neighborhood encompassing 147 housing units, encroaching on Wright’s property.

Despite facing intimidation and harassment from the company, including legal action disputing her ownership of the land, Wright steadfastly refused to sell.

The Beaufort County Court of Common Pleas intervened, mandating mediation between Wright and Bailey Point to resolve the dispute.

After months of legal wrangling and community support, a settlement was reached, bringing closure to the contentious affair.

Celebrity support, including donations from Snoop Dogg and Kyrie Irving to Wright’s GoFundMe campaign, bolstered her family’s efforts to defend their ancestral land. The campaign raised over $367,000, surpassing its goal, with Tyler Perry pledging to build Wright a new home.

Although Wright is no longer with us, her family remains committed to preserving her legacy. Altimese Nichole, a family spokesperson, expressed gratitude for the settlement and emphasized the family’s determination to honor Wright’s memory.

As the dust settles on this legal saga, the Josephine Wright Foundation has been established to assist other families in land preservation efforts, ensuring that Wright’s fight for her heritage continues to inspire future generations.

Efforts to reach attorneys representing both Wright and Bailey Point for comment have been largely unsuccessful.

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