Sexyy Red High School Appearance Canceled Over Alleged Weed Smell: Internet Sides With School Officials

by Grace Somes
Sexyy Red || Image credit: @sexyyred

The “SkeeYee” hitmaker met the students outside instead. A fan captured a video of high school students surrounding her car as she danced from the sunroof.

Sexyy Red’s appearance at a high school in her hometown of St. Louis was canceled after she showed up allegedly smelling like marijuana.

The “Pound Town” performer took to social media to address why she was turned away from speaking to kids in her hometown. She disclosed she was planning to talk to some lucky students but wasn’t allowed in because she smelled like weed.

Sexyy Red shared multiple videos on her Instagram Stories about what happened at the local high school.

“So look, this school, I came up here, got cute. Tried to talk to the kids, give ’em the word of the day. They gonna put me off, tell me I smell like weed. … Bitch, you’re nobody; they ain’t come to see you, Otis! Bitch, you heard who they screaming for,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram Stories.

According to additional videos shared by an Instagram user at the scene, Sexyy Red drove up to the high school and was surrounded by many students. She popped out of the sunroof and danced while they chanted for her.

More videos show that she also rode around the Harris Stowe State University entrance in St. Louis, surrounded by cheering crowds.

Many social media users criticized Sexyy’s appearance at the school, believing her music was too inappropriate for children.

One person wrote, “She has NO BUSINESS trying to talk to kids about anything. Nothing she does is with the benefit of kids in mind. In fact, she’s actually causing harm and promoting trifling behaviors.”

“Why is she at a HIGH SCHOOL anyways?! Teaching them what?!” another added.

Someone else raised another concern, “So since she’s disrespecting the school official, now the kids are gonna think it’s ok to. Yikes.”

This isn’t the first time Sexyy Red has caused a ruckus at a high school. In July 2023, Sexyy visited another high school, which ended in chaos. Many of her ecstatic teen fans couldn’t sit still and began abandoning the bleachers and descending on the St. Louis rapper.

Sexyy Red for High Schools or not?

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