Summer Walker Currently Battling Bronchitis On Tour; Refuses ‘Modern’ Medical Care

by Grace Somes
Summer Walker || Image credit: @summerwalker

Summer Walker’s vocals have taken a hit while on tour. The singer has come down with a bad case of bronchitis.

According to an insider source, Summer Walker “doesn’t believe in modern medicine.”

Summer Walker Sings Through Bronchitis Battle: The Show Must Go On

Summer Walker sang through what should have been a show-stopping condition, signaling the true legendary position of great predecessors before her.

The R&B songstress didn’t let her illness sideline a performance overseas.

The 27-year-old singer is currently headlining the Souled Out festival in Australia and New Zealand.

A source close to Summer Walker revealed to TMZ that the singer had contracted bronchitis a few days before her performance in Auckland, New Zealand.

The ‘Girls Need Love’ songstress also confirmed her medical condition during her Souled Out Music Festival performance.

She shared a video of herself on the Souled Out stage announcing that she was sick.

Summer Walker told the crowd about her health issue while reassuring them that she wouldn’t let them down. She also promised to give the fans a discount on the excellent money they paid to see her!

“First of all, y’all are out here in the rain, and I appreciate it. I love y’all so much. I just wanted to say your girl got bronkiki; she got bronchitis,” she said in the video.

The “Girls Need Love” songstress continued, “But we still gonna do it tonight. We still got fun, right? All right. Help me out. I need y’all to sing all these songs,” before proceeding to sing.

According to TMZ, Summer “doesn’t believe in modern medicine” and has been using a blend of herbs and teas to soothe her throat. She also has been on strict vocal rest with minimal speaking until the shows begin.

These comments about how she handles her bronchitis diagnosis appear consistent with the Still Over It singer’s reaction to public health issues.

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Summer Walker referred to it as a “whole pandemic agenda” and advised vaccinated individuals to “stay away from her.”

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