Woman Gives Birth To Twins At 70 Years And Becomes Oldest Mother In Africa

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In a groundbreaking feat, Safina Namukwaya, a 70-year-old woman from Uganda, has given birth to twins through in vitro fertilization (IVF), becoming the oldest mother on the African continent.

This feat took place at a fertility center in the capital city of Kampala, where Namukwaya delivered a girl and a boy via cesarean section.

Describing the birth as a “miracle,” Namukwaya expressed her joy and gratitude for the successful delivery. The hospital, where the historic event unfolded, hailed it as a “medical success” and a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Dr. Edward Tamale Sali, a fertility specialist at the Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Centre (WHI&FC), revealed that Namukwaya underwent the IVF procedure using a donor egg and her partner’s sperm.

Despite the complexities associated with her age, both mother and babies are reported to be stable, receiving care in incubators after their premature birth at 31 weeks.

Namukwaya’s journey to motherhood at 70 was not without challenges. She encountered complications during her pregnancy and, notably, faced the experience without the presence of her partner.

“Men don’t like to hear that you are going to have more than one child. Even after I was admitted, my man never showed up,” she said.

Remarkably, this is Namukwaya’s second delivery in three years, having given birth to a baby girl in 2020. Her desire for children stemmed from societal pressures and the longing for companionship in her later years.

She said:

“I looked after people’s children and saw them grow up and leave me alone,” she explained. “I wondered who would take care of me when I grow old.”

While Namukwaya’s birth story is exceptional, it is worth noting that she is not the oldest woman globally to give birth. In 2019, Yerramatti Mangayamma of India welcomed twin girls at the age of 73 through IVF.

As medical advancements continue to push boundaries, stories like Namukwaya’s underscore the evolving possibilities in fertility treatments, challenging traditional norms and opening new avenues for individuals seeking parenthood later in life.

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