Trump Supporter Indicted For Threatening Life Of Congresswoman Maxine Waters

by Yah Yah

A federal grand jury indicted a Trump supporter, Anthony Scott Lloyd, for allegedly threatening United States official, Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

44-year-old Lloyd was arrested Nov. 9th after federal prosecutors filed a complaint which alleged that the San Pedro resident intended to “impede, intimidate and interfere with the congresswoman while she was engaged in the performance of official duties.”

According to the LA Times, the FBI’s affidavit states “This message is directed to Maxine Waters herself,” the caller allegedly says.

“We’ll kill you,” the transcript reads. “You can call the FBI, you can call the NSA, you can call whoever the fuck you want and report this and try to get a surge or some kind of fucking phone number. Bitch, if you do it again, you’re dead. You’re a fucking dead ass n——.”

The hateful voicemail message was left when Lloyd was angered after listening to a radio interview with the Congresswoman. Representative Waters has been extremely vocal in her calls to impeach the president, making her an easy target for ignorant Trump supporters who still live with their Grandmothers and have nothing better to do with their time.

“The indictment sends the strong message that racial hate crimes are taken seriously and will be prosecuted,” he said. “This action is now more important than ever given the recent L.A. County Commission on Human Relations report that white nationalist and hate crimes are again on the rise against African-Americans, Hispanics and Muslims. This is a tense and dangerous climate in which some individuals can commit acts of violence against people of color and those of different sexual and religious persuasions.”

When interviewed by the FBI, Lloyd stated that he did not intend to harm Waters, according to the affidavit. Released on a $20,000, Lloyd is scheduled to be in court December 7th. If charged, he could spend up to a decade behind bars.

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