Tasha K Drops Bombshell, Claims Nelly Cheated On Ashanti And Fathered Child With Mystery Woman!

by Grace Somes
Tasha K, Nelly and Ashanti

Does Nelly have a secret baby with another woman?

Most of the blogs, including us, reported on the Ashanti-Nelly baby hints at the Nelly’s ‘Black and White’ Ball, which returned to St. Louis, Missouri, for its 11th commencement on Sunday, December 3.

So it’s interesting to see Tasha K declaring the opposite, saying some other woman is expecting Nelly’s child.

The controversial blogger claimed to have it on record that the moment was not genuine and probably was just a publicity stunt.

The “Unwine with Tasha K” proprietor quoted an anonymous source to solidify her claims on Nelly and Ashanti’s love life.

“So, I had my source call me okay? She’s not pregnant. She ain’t pregnant because he just had a baby,” Tasha K begins her rant.

“Light-skinned, privileged women deserve to be wives and not just baby mamas. I said what I said!” she emphasized with her infamous chair swivel.

Tasha K doubled down on her claims with screenshots alleging a baby boy fathered by the rapper lives in Atlanta.

After a few investigations, we learned that Nelly did welcome a new bundle of joy into the family. But not a child of his own.

His daughter, 29-year-old Chanelle Haynes, gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, this summer.

Chanetta Valentine, Nelly’s baby mama, shared multiple photos of her daughter during the pregnancy, including recent images of her and the rapper’s first grandchild.

This isn’t the first time Tasha K has slammed Nelly and Ashanti’s relationship.

After Nelly’s birthday celebration in November, the controversial blogger pointed out that Asahnti was “doing too much”.

She said the singer was overstepping her girlfriend role by throwing two epic parties for Nelly, including giving him his childhood dream car as a birthday present.

Could Tasha’s hot take attract a new lawsuit?

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