Woman Gives Birth At A Restaurant, Unaware She Was Pregnant: ‘I’m Still In Shock’

by Gee NY

Tayvia Woodfork, an African American woman from Mississippi, experienced a stunning turn of events when she unexpectedly gave birth to a baby boy at a Golden Corral buffet restaurant in North Little Rock, Arkansas, despite having no prior knowledge of her pregnancy.

She named her newborn Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork, paying homage to the unexpected location of his birth.

“I’m still in shock,” Tayvia shared with KTLA.

Tayvia had undergone what medical professionals term a cryptic pregnancy, where the pregnancy remains undetected by the mother for a prolonged period.

The dramatic delivery occurred while Tayvia was dining with her family during a stopover on their journey back to Mississippi. Overwhelmed by sudden and intense pain, Tayvia rushed to the restroom instead of returning to their table.

Initially mistaken by her family for severe cramps, Tayvia’s sister soon discovered her in labor.

“She said, ‘I ain’t never seen nothing like it. It’s a baby!’” recalled her mother, Tameka. “The baby was 6 pounds. It was a full baby.”

Following what Tayvia described as excruciating pain, she was escorted out of the restaurant on a stretcher amid warm applause from both staff and patrons.

Baby Tamaar’s unexpected arrival has made him a local sensation, affectionately dubbed the “Golden Corral baby” by thrilled bystanders.

In response to the extraordinary event, Golden Corral acknowledged the birth in a Facebook post, celebrating Tamaar as their youngest enthusiast.

“And don’t worry, we’ll make sure Mom is well taken care of with Golden Corral gift cards… while she’s taking care of you,” the restaurant assured in their statement.

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