Tia Kemp And Rick Ross Dirty Each Other Online After Baby Mama Fights Rapper’s New Girlfriend, Cristina Mackey

by Grace Somes
Tia Kemp, Cristina Mackey and Rick Ross

Seems like Mackey spoke facts when she said her relationship with Rick Ross is better than the others before her. Because why would he be fighting his baby mama for her?

Things have been pretty crazy after Tia Kemp, Rick Ross’s baby mama, got into a fight with his new lady, Cristina Mackey, over tacos she fed him.

Kemp also jabbed Rozay’s alleged upcoming urologist appointment, asking if he was “getting ding dings extensions?”

The rap mogul issued his baby mama a cease and desist court order soon after her beef with Mackey.

In her usual fashion, Kemp went bonkers over the letter from Rozay’s attorneys.

On her Instagram Stories, Kemp, the mother of one of Ross’ children, made ‘disturbingly statements’ about the Hip Hop mogul and his family.

She also posted the cease and desist order, which claims that Tia Kemp is “obsessed” with and has been ‘harassing’ Rick Ross.

“Sent me a cease and desist. I ain’t lying. It’s the truth. How are you gonna sue me for defamation? Sue 50 Cent then. Don’t beef with me,” Kemp began her ruthless rant.

“Told you I wasn’t a rapper years ago. Now you wanna shut me up. You ain’t shut up DJ Envy,” she continued. “You won’t cease DJ Envy when he was putting on that CO uniform. M*therfucker, you a real CO.”

In response, Rick Ross made a series of videos dragging the mother of her child.

The Mississippi rapper alleged Tia Kemp had some botched surgery. He also claimed his former partner was dealing with family issues, including her mother, a 30-year reoccurring crack addict.

“We all gotta imagine what [Tia]’s going through. She’s going through a lot. Her mother, who’s a 30-year reoccurring crack addict, she’s back addicted, and Tia’s dealing with it,” Rozay fired back.

Tia has yet to respond to these allegations, and so we all wait with bated breath!

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