TikTok Creator MiriTheSiren Secures New Partnership With Shake Shack After Chick-fil-A Pulls Plug on Her Reviews

by Gee NY
MiriTheSiren-Shake Shark

TikTok sensation MiriTheSiren, known for her viral Chick-fil-A food reviews, is embarking on a new partnership journey with Shake Shack, following a halt on her Chick-fil-A content.

Since January 2024, MiriTheSiren has captivated audiences with her creative Chick-fil-A food combinations, amassing thousands of followers and millions of views.

However, her Chick-fil-A series recently hit a roadblock when the fast-food chain’s management informed her that the videos violated an employee handbook rule, prompting her to cease production.

In response, MiriTheSiren gracefully accepted the decision, explaining that she harbored no ill feelings toward Chick-fil-A and expressed understanding of their position.

“I feel at peace because I know this isn’t the end of my story,” she shared on TikTok. “And I know that I didn’t wanna be the Chick-fil-A girl forever.”

Despite the setback, MiriTheSiren’s resilience and creativity shone through as she announced a new partnership with Shake Shack.


Chick-fil-A Corporate has asked me to stop making content. I’m sorry you guys :/ Thank you for all the support and love but an era has ended. “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of TC&Js Enterprises, Chick-fil-A Whittwood, nor Chick-fil-A, Inc.” #fyp #chickfila #chickfilaemployee #chickfilasauce #chickfilahacks #curlyhair #blackgirl

♬ original sound – mirithesiren

On April 21, she delighted her followers with a sponsored video showcasing Shake Shack’s offerings, highlighting its commitment to quality ingredients and ethical sourcing practices.

In her video, MiriTheSiren beamed with excitement, signaling a fresh chapter in her content creator journey.

The outpouring of support from her followers, along with the endorsement from competitors like Shake Shack, underscores the impact of MiriTheSiren’s content and her ability to adapt to new opportunities.

As she forges ahead with Shake Shack, MiriTheSiren remains grateful for the experiences and connections fostered through her Chick-fil-A journey.

With her infectious positivity and engaging content, MiriTheSiren continues to inspire and entertain her audience, proving that rejection can indeed lead to redirection and new beginnings.


Went to @SHAKE SHACK and tried their CHICKEN SHACK – and you can too! Every Sunday in April you can get a free Chicken Shack with $10 minimum purchase using code CHICKENSUNDAY. #shakeshack #shakeshackpartner #chickenshack #fyp

♬ original sound – mirithesiren

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