Remarkable! Woman Sets Up Successful Airline Company After She Was Rejected By Another Airline

by Gee NY
Sibongile Sambo

Sibongile Sambo’s journey from being rejected by an airline to founding her own successful aviation company is nothing short of remarkable.

Despite facing adversity, the 42-year-old South African woman turned her setback into an opportunity, paving the way for a groundbreaking venture in the aviation industry.

After being told by South African Airways that she did not meet their height requirement for a flight attendant position, Sambo decided to chart her own path.

She embarked on the entrepreneurial journey and established SRS Aviation, becoming the sole Black woman owner and operator of an aviation company in Africa.

The path to founding an airline is challenging and requires substantial resources, but Sambo was undeterred. She first established her company, SRS Aviation, before securing a contract for cargo transport from the South African government.

Partnering with MCC Aviation, a local charter operator, further strengthened her position in the industry.

To raise the necessary capital, Sambo made significant sacrifices. She sold her car and cashed out her mother’s pension to obtain an Air Operating Certificate from the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Despite the obstacles, her determination and resourcefulness enabled her to overcome financial hurdles and realize her dream.

Today, SRS Aviation offers a range of professional and personalized flight options to clients across Africa and beyond. From VIP charters to cargo services, the company caters to diverse needs, with flights costing anywhere from $1,000 to $200,000.

Sambo’s vision for her company is ambitious yet clear: to be the premier choice for affordable air services, prioritizing safety and excellence.

Beyond her business success, Sambo is committed to giving back to her community.

She believes in empowering young people by sharing her knowledge and experiences, recognizing the importance of mentorship and support in achieving one’s goals.

Sambo’s story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the power of resilience, determination, and entrepreneurship.

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