TikToker Shares Candid Thoughts On Why Men Aren’t Obsessed With Women Like They Used To

by Gee NY

In a recent TikTok video that has stirred up discussions across social media platforms, user @Chevvycaprice shared some controversial thoughts on the dynamics of modern relationships.

She sought to explain why there is a perceived lack of interest in women among modern men.

The TikToker said she saw a Facebook status that questioned whether men are as obsessed with women as they used to be, and expressed a viewpoint that has sparked both support and criticism.

@Chevvycaprice began by stating:

“I saw a status on Facebook and basically it says, ‘men are not obsessed with women like they used to be. Y’all don’t find that kinda weird?’ And to be honest, no, I don’t find that kinda weird.”

The TikToker. Image courtesy @Chevvycaprice/TikTok

The TikToker proceeded to share her perspective on why this shift might be occurring in contemporary society.

The crux of @Chevvycaprice’s argument revolves around the belief that women today leave little room for imagination.

She criticized what she perceive as an excessive sense of entitlement and unrealistic expectations among most modern women, pointing out behaviors such as constant exposure on social media, partying, and other lifestyle choices.

“Women have no room for imagination, none whatsoever. It’s like your sense of entitlement is out of control. Your expectations are unrealistic. You walk around showing your bodies half-dressed, half-exposed 24/7,” @Chevvycaprice stated candidly.


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The TikToker continued by highlighting what they see as a lack of substance in some women’s lives, attributing it to a preoccupation with finding financial support from men.

“A lot of you are coming with nothing to the table because you are too busy with your hands out trying to see what men have the best bucks to sponsor your lifestyle to make you look like you are living a lifestyle to post on the internet,” she added.

The critique extended to aspects of personal expression, with @Chevvycaprice suggesting a lack of common sense, the inability to hold meaningful conversations, and a dearth of originality among some individuals.

The outspoken female TikToker then touched on a trend where many people adopt similar physical appearances and styles, contributing to a sense of homogeneity.

“Everybody is getting the same body, everybody is getting the same hairstyle. Everybody is getting the exact same. And it’s like y’all get that confused,” @Chevvycaprice remarked, pointing out what they perceive as a lack of individuality in contemporary trends.

She concluded as follows:

“Men love women that are exclusive, women that are put up, women that, a woman that another man can’t say he had or can have. Simple as that”

The video has prompted diverse reactions, with some viewers applauding the TikToker for addressing what they see as societal issues, while others criticized the generalizations and asserted that such perspectives oversimplify the complexities of modern relationships.

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