Tiny Breaks Silence On T.I.’s Viral Clash With Son King Harris – “Quit Playing With My Family!”

by Grace Somes
Tiny, T.I.'s and son, King Harris

Tameka Harris is setting things straight!

Tiny speaks out after T.I.’s public showdown with their son, King Harris, made the headlines on the internet.

A video of the “black sheep” son of T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris getting into a scuffle with his father mistakenly leaked through the boy’s Instagram Story.

T. I. almost beat up his son when a family when a playful back-and-forth in the stands quickly spiraled into a physical altercation.

King began live streaming on IGat the Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints football game, where he spoke about some hardships while growing up.

His famous parents contended that he never experienced true struggle. They stated that he liked to stay at his grandmother’s house because she lived in the ’hood.

While jokingly claiming he used to run to his grandmother’s house to suck the pacifier because he wasn’t allowed to in their mansion.

This admission seems to have ticked King off as he began to scream in his mother’s face, and T.I. had to step in and try to subdue him in a headlock! Phew!

At this point, the issue had escalated, and every blog had its version up for reads.

But Tiny isn’t happy about how peeps have dissected her family affair.

She took to X to slam the gossip. She wrote, “Quit playing with my family for clickbait! I’ve had about enough!”

And when a fan pointed out that they were ‘content’, she replied, “No Mali, they’ve taken an honest family moment and added all types of bullshit onto it, as they always do to get views on their lackluster platforms.”

On Tuesday evening, T.I. addressed the issue on Instagram while promoting a joint interview he and King participated in with Complex, saying his family is “tied like a knot.”

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