Tommie Lee V. Everybody: LAHH Star Involved in Fight Just Days After Stunna Girl Brawl

by Xara Aziz

It seems Tommie Lee cannot catch a break after appearing in headlines over and over again – and not for good things.

The Love and Hip Hop Star is now under fire after posting a heated exchange she had with an employee at a California Intercontinental Hotel. According to reports, the hotel chain’s employee did not take a liking to how she and her friends were behaving after getting into a brawl just moments before.

On Tommie Lee’s Instagram, she posted a video showing the employee denying her access to her room because of an unpaid balance. Another employee intervened and allowed the Baddies West star, born Atasha Jefferson, to enter the room to get her ID. But the initial employee continued to barrage her with disparaging comments about her appearance.

In the video, Tommie Lee is heard calling the employee a “coon” to which he responded by calling her an “ugly b*tch” and stating “your mother.” He then attempted to knock her phone out of her hand yelling “don’t call me a coon!”

“So here’s the fulll video mind you I hate doin sh*t like this with a passion but I just feel very insulted I didn’t wanna post full video because of the obvious I took my wig off but to everyone saying what’s the full story here u go,” she captioned the IG video.

She continued: “@intercontinentalsf stop playing with me I don’t carry myself like I’m on reality tv in real life ‘all are crazy fr I would even be a topic if people couldn’t work with me if my charisma wasn’t on point are y’all crazy this isn’t right idc how you try to flip it!!! And I do not support bullying or violence at all this is awareness!!”

The video comes just days after she was involved in a fist-a-cuffs with her Zeus castmate, Stunna Girl. Another video surfaced showing Tommie Lee leaving a ballroom without her wig or top on. It is unclear what started the fight but witnesses say the two were involved in a multiparty brawl with even Stunna’s boyfriend jumping in and attacking a girl from the opposing side.

Intercontinental Hotel has not issued a statement about the incident.

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