Meagan Good’s Boyfriend Jonathan Majors Praises Her After Guilty Verdict – “She Held Me Down Like A Coretta” 

by Grace Somes
Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors || Image credit: @meagangood @jonathanmajors

Jonathan Majors expressed his gratitude towards his girlfriend, Meagan Good in his first interview since his domestic violence trial with ABC News anchor Linsey Davis on ‘Good Morning America’.

In the exclusive interview, the Creed III actor spoke publicly for the first time about his side of the story and emphasized how his girlfriend, Good, stood by his side throughout the ordeal.

In March 2023, Jonathan Majors had a domestic dispute with his then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari while in the backseat of an SUV. The professional dancer sued Jonathan Majors for being the abusive one not only during that incident but throughout their entire relationship. A New York jury found him guilty of assault and harassment.

Majors, who faces potential sentencing and a year in prison, was firm in his stance that he is not responsible for his former partner Grace Jabbari’s injuries.

He also explained the trial recording Grace submitted that captured Majors shouting at her and demanding that she behave like influential figures such as Coretta Scott King or Michelle Obama.

“It was me trying to give an analogy of what I’m aspiring to be. You know, be a great man like Martin and President Obama. I’m trying to give a reference point to that. One of the things I said was I need her, in that case, Grace, to make the sacrifices,” he explained.

Jonathan Majors had nothing but glowing words for his new girlfriend, Meagan Good, who was present in the courtroom on all his trial days.

“She’s an angel. She held me down like a Coretta, you know. I’m so blessed to have her because the relationship is still fresh. I’m lucky I found her.”

The actor also revealed he has not seen his young daughter, Ella, because of the case against him.

In his interview, Jonathan Majors vehemently denied ever being physically abusive in any of his relationships. While the court found him guilty of physical abuse, he maintained his innocence.

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