Venture Capital Run By Europe’s First Black Solo General Partner Raises $10 Million To Support Tech Firms

by Gee NY
Image Credit: LinkedIn

OpenSeed VC, a London-based venture capital firm, has raised $10 million to support new technology companies across Africa and Europe.

Founded by Maria Rotilu, Europe’s first Black solo general partner in the venture capital space, OpenSeed VC focuses on investing in operators who are launching innovative tech startups.

Maria Rotilu announced the fund’s mission on LinkedIn, stating:

“We exist to back the most talented and experienced operators from day zero.”

She explained further that OpenSeed VC is designed to support operators just as they start their tech ventures, driven by pure merit.

The goal is to be the first investors in these experienced builders, particularly in a challenging fundraising climate where visionary operators address critical problems with groundbreaking solutions.

This funding initiative is especially significant given the disparity in operator-led VC firms between regions: only 8% of VC firms in Europe and Africa are run by former operators, compared to nearly 50% in the United States.

OpenSeed VC aims to bridge this gap by providing both capital and a network of over 50 experienced operators to support and guide new tech startups.

“If you’re supporting operators who have identified a problem and are making the leap into building their technology, you’ve likely recognized a common challenge: the need for capital and guidance from other experienced individuals,” Rotilu told TechCrunch. “To address this, we focus on enhancing the operator network in four key areas: software engineering, product, go-to-market strategies, and talent acquisition.”

Looking ahead, OpenSeed VC plans to invest in at least 60 startups. Fundraising efforts continue, with a final close expected within a year, according to Rotilu.

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