VIDEO: Influencer Severely Injured After Man Allegedly Threw Brick at Her Face Because She Rejected Him

by Xara Aziz
TikTok @raisedonrice

A popular TikTok influencer is opening up after she was allegedly hit with a brick by a man who she rejected.

Rho Bashe is a “junior scholar and former journalist,” according to her bio on her TikTok account. In a video posted on another TikTok account using the name @raisedonrice, she is seen crying hysterically while recounting what led to the terrifying incident.

She then asked onlookers why they did not attempt to intervene or help defend her. She explained that before the alleged perpetrator threw a brick at her face, she refused to give him her number, adding that after he assaulted her, witnesses just watched him flee the scene without attempting to stop him.

The video also purports to show one bystander asking her: “What did you want us to do?”

The video then cuts to her at the hospital, where he was overwhelmed with emotion as she asked: “How is this okay? This is what y’all doin’ to women?”

According to The Shade Room, the incident took place in Houston. Since then, she said she has become a victim of online bullying and has faced a lot of “bullsh*t.”

According to Bashe, the attacker “jumped in a car with a bunch of Black women” and fled the scene after hitting her in the face with the brick.

“Y’all know who he is. Put him out there,” she tearfully said in the video. “Center his face and then talk about it because he’s the one that got to make a choice. I didn’t get to make a f*cking choice.”

She further thanked those who helped to share her story with compassion.

According to UN Women, gender-based violence includes “harmful acts directed at an individual or a group of individuals based on their gender. It is rooted in gender inequality, the abuse of power and harmful norms. The term is primarily used to underscore the fact that structural, gender-based power differentials place women and girls at risk for multiple forms of violence.” 

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