Sunny Hostin Recounts How Her Black Beach Romance Novels Soared Despite Skepticism

by Gee NY

Sunny Hostin, renowned co-host of The View, recently shared her journey of overcoming skepticism from book executives regarding her Black beach romance novels.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly on May 22, the TV personality discussed the hurdles she faced in bringing her literary creations to life.

Ahead of the release of her third book, “Summer on Highland Beach,” Hostin, 55, reflected on her initial struggles with finding a publisher who shared her vision for a series set in historically Black “elevated beach settings.”

Recalling her early meetings, Hostin expressed disappointment, stating:

“The people in the room didn’t get it. They just didn’t get it.”

Driven by a desire to fill a void in the literary landscape, Hostin aimed to spotlight Black women in the romance genre. She vividly recalled a pivotal moment at an airport when she couldn’t find any books featuring Black female protagonists.

Despite her conviction, Hostin encountered skepticism from an executive who questioned the market for such novels, to which she responded confidently, “Black women.”

Expressing her surprise and disappointment at the lack of belief in her project, Hostin emphasized the significance of her target audience, noting the educational achievements of African-American women in the United States.

However, Hostin found unwavering support in Carrie Feron, her editor for the Summer series, who recognized the potential of Hostin’s vision and embraced it wholeheartedly.

Feron’s belief in Hostin’s work proved to be justified when Hostin’s debut novel, “Summer on the Bluffs,” garnered immense success, selling 25,000 copies in its first week.

The novel’s popularity even attracted the attention of Amazon, which expressed interest in adapting it into a Prime Television series, with acclaimed actress Octavia Spencer potentially onboard to produce the project.

Hostin’s triumphant journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and belief in one’s vision, despite facing initial doubts and obstacles.

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