Winter Blanco Reveals Trey Songz Allegedly Assaulted Her, Explains Why She Kept Mute For Years

by Grace Somes
Winter Blanco and Trey Songz || Image credit: @wiintrr @treysingz

The social media influencer has joined 11 women who have come forward with assault allegations against Trey Songz.

During the latest episode of “Behind The Likes,” podcast Winter Blanco spoke publicly for the first time about allegedly being assaulted by singer Trey Songz in 2018. 

In the words of Winter Blanco, the real name of Kaila Wilkey, she had been friends with Trey Songz for years without incident until one day when he did the unthinkable.

Recounting the alleged incident with her co-host, Chy Fontenette, she claimed that the “Bottoms Up” artist “put his hands on” her. 

“And then, one day, he did. And he put his hands on me, and I never talk about it. This is the first time I’m talking about this publicly. I really don’t give a f*ck anymore. 

“Put his hands on me. Scared the f*ck outta me, and I never said anything. I never went to the police. I never answered the lawyer’s calls when they were calling. I never tried to get some money out of it because, at that time, it was girls settling for $100,000, $200,000, and I never did it,” Winter Blanco disclosed.

According to the model, her decision to go public was because she was fed up with “letting abusers get away.”

“In 2020, when that girl came out saying he raped her, her lawyer reached out to me saying they were getting their stuff together and wanted me to be a part of it,” Winter Blanco continued. “And I was like, I can’t be a part of it. But now, like where I am in my life, I’m tired of letting abusers get away with so much.”

From 2012 to 2023, about 11 women, including Megan Johnson, Keke Palmer, Andrea Buera, Jahuara Jeffries, and Dylan Gonzalez, have accused Trey Songz of inappropriate behavior, and some have taken him to court too.

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