Woman Celebrates Nearly 70 Years As A Dedicated Teacher: ‘I’m Happy To Know That I Taught Something In My Class’

by Gee NY
Everlene Davis. Image Credit: South Columbus High School on Facebook.

Everlene Davis, an extraordinary educator from Columbus County, North Carolina, is marking an incredible milestone: nearly seven decades of unwavering commitment to teaching.

Despite her remarkable tenure, Davis shows no signs of slowing down.

Since embarking on her teaching journey in 1956, Davis has been a pillar of education, currently serving as a teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences at South Columbus High School in Tabor City.

Reflecting on her illustrious career, Davis shared her profound joy in touching the lives of countless students.

Over the years, Davis has navigated diverse classrooms and evolving educational landscapes, remaining rooted in Tabor City, where she has become a fixture in the community.

In 2022, South Columbus High School celebrated Ms Davis with the CCS TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARD.

Teaching successive generations of families, Davis has cultivated lasting connections with students and their families, often spanning multiple generations.

Starting her career at Douglass High School during the era of segregation, Davis continued her passion for teaching after schools integrated, leaving an indelible mark on Tabor City High School and now South Columbus High School.

Her fulfilment stems from nurturing young minds and guiding them towards success.

“I am so happy to know that I taught something in my class, you learned something in my class, that has contributed to the success of your job. That means a lot to me. Very much so, very much so,” Davis expressed.

Known for her high standards and unwavering dedication, Davis instills in her students the value of hard work as the pathway to achievement. Despite the passage of time, her ability to command a classroom remains steadfast.

“I am using the phrase that I am a very seasoned senior citizen in education as well as other areas,” she affirmed.

As long as her health permits, Davis intends to continue living her passion for teaching, an endeavor that has garnered her numerous accolades and recognition as one of the longest-serving educators in the state.

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