Tragedy Strikes! 15-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot By Boyfriend Hours Before Her Graduation

by Gee NY

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a 15-year-old girl, Ahliana Dickey, lost her life after being shot by her 21-year-old boyfriend, Trevor Bady, just hours before she was set to attend her eighth-grade graduation.

The incident unfolded in the early morning hours of June 14th on Lawrence Street in Lowell. According to reports from NewsBreak, police responded to a call about a disturbance where witnesses heard a woman screaming and gunshots.

However, upon arrival, the couple couldn’t be located.

Police later determined that Bady allegedly shot Dickey inside her home on Lawrence Street. Surveillance footage confirmed that Bady left the residence shortly after midnight.

Dickey’s family discovered her lifeless body in a first-floor bedroom later that morning when she failed to appear at her graduation ceremony.

Authorities disclosed that Bady allegedly used an Uber to transport himself to and from Lawrence Street before and after the fatal shooting.

The 21-year-old now faces serious charges including murder and armed home invasion.

Dickey’s loved ones have been devastated by the tragic loss of the young girl, remembering her as a beacon of positivity and inspiration.

“She was a really positive person. If I’m down, she’ll bring me up. She wanted to do bright things in life,” shared Skyla Guthrie, a close friend of Dickey from Lowell.

The community of Lowell mourns the loss of Dickey, whose promising future was tragically cut short by this senseless act of violence.

Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident while providing support to Dickey’s grieving family and friends during this difficult time.

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