Woman Stabbed to Death After Confronting Her Boyfriend’s Lover About Who Would Be a Better Wife

by Xara Aziz
Family of Vida Ennin

A 28-year-old woman has been killed after fighting over a man in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Vida Ennin was murdered for gossiping about 25-year-old Mary Akosua Agyemang, the suspect in the victim’s death, according to a Pulse report.

The suspect, also known as Serwaa, had gotten into a brawl with Ennin after she discovered that the victim was gossiping about a man they both dated.

The two women reportedly fought over who would end up becoming the wife of the man, who works as an excavator operator.

Moments later, the suspect left the scene of the incident and returned with a knife. She then stabbed the victim in the face, breast and palm. She was later pronounced dead after bleeding to death.

Bekwai police arrested the suspect along with two others: Felicia Sarpong, 61, and Ernest Achirem, 63, who have been accused of aiding the suspect in resisting arrest.

The three suspects were subsequently detained.

The news comes after a previous report of another woman who ended up killing a lover in a fit of rage. In February, a 47-year-old woman ran into her cheating boyfriend and has since been convicted of murder after her actions crushed and killed her former lover.

Jackline Sabana Bona Musa, who resides in Australia, was charged and found guilty of crushing Payman “Paul” Thagipur to death in her black Toyota Kluger after she discovered that he was cheating on her with another woman.

The suspect pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter but was found guilty. Source: news.com.au

Musa met the 31-year-old man online in 2019. Court documents say she was under the impression that he was her boyfriend.

Documents show that the convicted killer sent texts to Thagipur but he never responded. A week later, she sent another text which was left unanswered.

She then decided to visit the victim’s apartment and a local bar he frequented, but could not find him. She then returned to his apartment but couldn’t get in, so she followed another car into the parking lot, hitting the roller door, which caused it to break.

When she finally got to his apartment and knocked on the door, she found him in his underwear with another woman inside.

“Is it your turn today?” Musa asked Thagipur before spitting in his face, the jury was told during the trial.

Payman “Paul” Thagipur. Source: news.com.au

Moments later, the man left his apartment with a t-shirt and pants on and proceeded to walk to his car. When she saw him, she deliberately ran into him, pushing him into a wall where he was crushed to death, according to court documents.

She then got out of her car, walked over to him and looked down at him for one whole minute while he was “gasping for air.” She then called police.

Musa’s “distinct lack of urgency” belied an obvious “callousness,” said lead prosecutor Sean Hughes.

“It was a long minute – because it was a minute – before she called [the police], wherein she lied about how the current circumstances came to be,” he continued. “A minute is a long time.”

Hughes further added that Musa “never accepted responsibility” for the murder and didn’t “feel anything remotely approaching remorse.”

She pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter but was found guilty.

“It is an extreme case of domestic violence,” Hughes said.

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