Zendaya Says There’s an ‘Obvious Disregard for Black Women’ in America

by Shine My Crown Staff
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Emmy award-winning actress Zendaya is ESSENCE magazine’s cover star for the 50th Anniversary November 2020/December 2020 issue, where she discussed America’s blatant disregard of the Black woman.

“Seeing Black women win, in any form, brings me joy,” she proudly states “Us being able to celebrate each other is really important and protect each other. I think now more than ever we have to protect Black women and we have to care for them and love them and appreciate them and show them that they are valued and seen in more ways than one,” Zendaya told the Black-owned publication.

The Euphoria actress added that the U.S. has “an obvious disregard for Black women specifically in this country.”

She added: “To all the beautiful Black women out there, we have to continue to be fearless and do what we do unapologetically and continue to lift each other up and love on each other.”

She also gave credit to Black women in the industry who have inspired her work and her efforts to venture outside of the acting space.

“I love to see that genuine love and respect for each other’s work. I hope that we continue to expand that in all kinds of beautiful ways, because I think we’re on a really good path,” she explained. “I’m so inspired by all the incredible Black women in my field, creatively, who have taken over this industry and created beautiful work and continue to showcase storytelling in many different ways and inspire me to take my shit to the next level.”

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