49-Year-Old Lil Kim Dating A 24-Year-Old Rapper? Prompts ‘Predator’ Accusations After She Called Him ‘Babe’ In Loved-Up Video

by Grace Somes
Lil Kim and Tayy Brown: @realtayybrown "lilkimthequeenbee

After Lil’ Kim posted videos of herself and Tayy Brown hanging out, fans have speculated that Lil’ Kim is dating him.

Recently, age-gap relationships have been a hot topic of discussion, and Lil Kim has joined in.

Lil Kim and her new artiste, 24-year-old Tayy Brown, had a conversation with fans on Instagram Live earlier this week.

The pair can be seen getting close and personal in a video taken from the stream as they enthusiastically talk about the 49-year-old’s impending partnership with Adidas.

It was a really nice Adidas party. You see this? This is Adidas. Lemme show you. This sh*t is fire, bro. Can you see it, babe? Wait, make sure you can see it because I can’t. Can you?” Lil Kim asked her fans and Brown while showing off her latest fit from the renowned sportswear company.

“I can’t lie. They kind of gave me the fire sht. The most custom-made sht,” she continued. “And we got some really secret sh*t going on. But Adidas. Adidas. Look, these are my favorite sneakers.”

Lil Kim posted a tribute message on Instagram in February to celebrate Tayy Brown’s birthday. The emotionally worded speech sparked rumors that they had more than work vibes and might be messing with each other.

“Our bond is so perfectly matched most organically. I know it was God that brought us 2gether. If ppl only knew how big of a role u play in my life and in my career. If they only knew you’re a big part of why the beehive is getting new music right now. U are my motivation and that voice that is always cheering me on. Ur so intelligent and such a boss. If they only knew the things we figured out 2gether, how we could talk with our eyes and be on the same page. How we are each other’s rock, the late night talks, the gut-wrenching laughs we share, the arguments, the debates,” a piece of the birthday message read.

Rapper Tayy Brown, who just turned 24, recently dropped a music video for his song, “Love For Ya,” featuring Lil Kim that was released two weeks ago on Kim’s YouTube channel.


While many people are okay with the original Queen Bee possibly falling in love, others object to the young rapper’s age.

Do you think the couple deserves all the backlash they’re receiving online, or are social media users overreacting?

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