Akbar V’s Daughter In Critical Condition: Faces Vision Loss And Blood In Brain After Recent Hospitalization

by Grace Somes
Akbar V || Image credit: @iamakbarv

The rapper paused her beef with Cardi B to share a heart-wrenching update on her daughter, Dora’s, health battle on Instagram.

Although Akbar V did not name the specific reason for Dora’s hospitalization, she appealed for prayers and support from her fans to keep her daughter alive.

On December 21, Akbar V announced that Dora’s condition had not improved since her emergency rush to the ICU earlier this week.

The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star appeared to be holding back tears as she explained Dora’s current circumstances in a live feed on her Insta story.

“So, we have been at the ICU since Saturday. She’s strong. She’s strong. She’s a warrior. It’s real serious,” Akbar V began.

The rapper continued, “She is talking, but for the most part, she just keeps her eyes closed. She can’t see. It’s blood under her brain, and sometimes God has to take you through certain things to strengthen you.”

Akbar asked her fans to pray for her daughter and not to believe anything on the streets unless it comes from her.

“Regardless of what I be faced with, I’m strong,” she added, ending the short video.

Later, the reality TV star shared an Instagram reel featuring photos of her with her daughter. But she promptly deleted them after thanking Dora for being the “best daughter” in an emotional message.

While Akbar V felt she owed it to her fans to be honest about the situation, some say that the rapper is facing karma for how she spoke about Alexis Skyy‘s daughter, Alaiya.

In May 2021, Akbar V and Alexis Skyy fought outside a nightclub they were co-hosting. They then proceeded to the confrontation online, which quickly turned into a nasty social media war when Akbar V began bringing up Alaiya’s disability.

Alexis Skyy‘s daughter, Alaiya Grace, has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus.

In an Instagram Live, Akbar V called the innocent little girl “braindead.”

“Your daughter is r*tarded because of you. Tell the truth! You had cocaine in your system. Tell the truth!” Akbar V screamed on Instagram Live.

After sharing Dora’s condition, Skyy’s fans pointed out Akbar V brought it down on her daughter when it dragged Alexis Skyy‘s daughter.

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