All of Your Favorite Celebs Have *Slayed* This Iconic Haircut

by Danielle Bennett
HOLLYWOOD - APRIL 30: Nia Long at Movieline's Hollywood Life 8th Annual Young Hollywood Awards at Henry Fonda Music Box Theater on April 30, 2006 in Hollywood, CA.

Have you ever run across a photo of a celebrity with a haircut that is so good, it makes you rethink your entire appearance?

Wardrobe? Overhauled. 

New lipstick colors? Curated.

And after just a few snips? Pure magic!

Ahh…the unwavering seduction of the pixie cut!

For us, a pixie hairstyle (generally short on the sides and back of the head; longer on top) was never just about short hair styling. When one of our most beloved starlets took the plunge, we were captivated for a reason.

The bold hair moves were reflections of nonconformity, empowerment…defining moments in personal style. Our girls informed us we could be beautiful and unabashedly badass! 

And we didn’t hesitate to follow suit.

Although “the pixie” has reemerged as one of the most influential haircuts for 2022, let’s first pay tribute to ten of its most memorable, game-changing adaptations in our history:

1. Josephine Baker

The original.  Her swooped look continues to inspire

2. Grace Jones

Self-expression personified! Wickedly fearless!

3. Anita Baker

The Queen of R&B’s pioneering efforts made pixies office-appropriate and polished.

4. Halle Berry

The oscar-winning stunner made pixie cuts timeless.

5. Toni Braxton

Miss Toni single-handedly led a legion of copycats to the hair salon.  

6. Salt-N-Pepa

Their asymmetrical renditions oozed sensuality in a male-dominated world.

7. Nia Long

Black America’s sweetheart made pixies boss.

8. T-Boz

Those tendrils have forever-elevated the pixie’s cool factor.

9. Monica

Gave us girl-next-door sweetness!

 10. Missy Elliot

The G.O.A.T. ‘Nuff said!

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