Anita Baker Praises Victoria Monét For Crafting A “Classic Love Song” She’d Be Proud Of

by Grace Somes
Anita Baker and Victoria Monet || Image credit: @anitabaker @victoriamonet

Victoria Monét has received her wish after nearly two years — praise from Anita Baker — manifestation at work!

On Thursday, Anita Baker responded to a 2022 post by the “On My Mama” singer who shared her dream to record a love song that would make the R&B legend proud.

In February 2022, Victoria Monét expressed how she desired to create a classic love song “that Anita Baker would be proud of.”

“I wanna make a classic love song that Anita Baker would be proud of,” she tweeted.

Fast forward to January 2024, the “Caught Up in the Rapture” legend believes Monét has “already done” so.

“You’ve Already Done it @VictoriaMonet By Using *ALL of Your Gifts. *How Does It Feel* is A Melodic Masterpiece. CONGRATULATIONS on ALL your, well-deserved Nominations & Accolades & Keeping R&B in Your World/Your Generation.”

The R&B legend responded effusively to the “On My Mama” singer. She revealed Monet’s song called “How Does It Feel,” the smooth track off her debut studio album Jaguar II released in August 2023, is the one that has already caught her heart.

‘Aunty’ Anita promptly gave Victoria Monet her flowers with a “job well done” message.

“You’ve Already Done it. @VictoriaMonet By Using *ALL of Your Gifts. *How Does It Feel* is A Melodic Masterpiece. CONGRATULATIONS on ALL your well-deserved Nominations and accolades and keeping R&B in Your World/Your Generation,” Baker wrote in a retweet, signing, “ABXO,” the 64-year-old applauded her.

After getting the reply, Monét quickly expressed her love for Baker right back.

“This is such an honor and a dream come true!!! My gratitude for you and your art has always been immense and now to speak to you through mine feels so golden!!”

“I love you to the stars and I thank you for these flowers! I’m in awe. Hope to hug you soon,” Monét added.

This praise from Anita Baker, combined with recognition from other high-profile figures like Barack Obama, Janet Jackson, and Jimmy Jam, is suggestive of Victoria Monet’s rising influence in the music world.

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