Azealia Banks Addresses EVERYTHING In This VERY Candid Interview | @TheBLACKMedia

by Yah Yah

Amidst all of the recent uproar over RZA‘s recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Azealia Banks sat down with TheBLACKMediato set the record straight. During the interview, Banks (who frequently breaks down during filming shares her feelings on the Wu-Tang producer and her feelings of abandonment after the now infamous Russell Crowe incident. Azealia Banks had a few choice words for Hot 97 radio host Ebro too.

A very emotional exchange, with Banks showing a very vulnerable side to her. The interview also includes performance footage from a concert in Atlanta’s Masquerade venue.

Perhaps now that all of the rumors have been addressed, they can be laid to rest and Azealia Banks can continue to make strides with her music career. Because let’s face it, her talent cannot be disputed.

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