‘Bad Girls Club’ Alum Winter Blanco Breaks Down Over ‘Severe Pain’ From Botched Veneers: ‘It Ruined My Life’

by Grace Somes
Winter Blanco || Image credit: @wiintrr

Winter Blanco, a reality TV star turned podcaster, used her platform to raise awareness about the risks of poor dental work.

The former cast member of “Bad Girls Club,” Winter Blanco, recently shared a moving and emotional story on social media about her ongoing battle with excruciating pain from poorly placed dental veneers. The former reality TV star talked candidly about her experience, illuminating the negative aspects of cosmetic dentistry and how it affected her life.

On May 29, the “Behind The Likes” co-host shared an emotional video with her nearly two million TikTok followers, detailing the ongoing pain she has to deal with due to veneers she received a few years ago.

“Two years ago, I had dental work done at Smile Dental  Center 32 in Miami, and it ruined my life. Like literally ruined my life. And I’m still dealing with it to this day. And I just left another TMJ doctor. This is the third or fourth one I have gone to,” Blanco began her live video.

 “I’m just very overwhelmed,” she continued. The medical industry and the dental industry in America is – they literally do not care about what you are going through; everything is about money for them. And I understand people have to get paid, but the fact that I can’t do anything. I can’t use insurance; I can’t do anything. I’ve already spent $80,000 on this whole situation.” 

Winter Blanco claims that as a result of her veneers, she now has “severe TMJ.” TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) is described as a disorder that “causes pain and tenderness in your jaw joints and surrounding muscles and ligaments” on the Cleveland Clinic medical website. Additionally, it mentions that “headaches and difficulty opening and closing your mouth” can result from TMJ.


DONT GET VENEERS. #smiledentalcenter32 in miami ruined my life!

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“The stuff that I have been dealing with for two years because of my freaking teeth is like, I don’t even know what to do anymore, and the only place I can really go to is my platforms,” Winter Blanco added during her broadcast.

She revealed that although she had spent “an additional $30,000” trying to find a fix for the problems the veneers had created, it “didn’t fix it.”

The former member of Bad Girls Club claimed there has been another complication as she was recently informed by doctors that getting her teeth corrected could cost “an additional 80k” and that there’s also a chance “that might not work.”

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